BITE ME dumplings

BITE ME dumplings


Faces of 3 cute dumplings are different. You can hear squeaky sound when you touch dumplings. For yellow pickled radish, Velcro is attached and separated into two pieces. You can also hide snacks between the two parts. Also good for pets.




Bite Me is a Korean pet lifestyle brand.

The showroom is located on Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong, Seoul, and offers reasonable prices, pretty designs, and high-quality products.                                                                 

- Depending on the properties of the fabric and how it is measured, an error of 1- 2cm may occur.

- Due to material and filler characteristics, the squeaky may sound weak or different.

- Packed paper is not a toy. Please remove the wrapping paper.

- If the product is badly bitten and damaged, take away the accessories to prevent the pet from swallowing the contents.

- Avoid from fire - Plastic parts (squeaky) are included, which may degrade the sound function, but this is not a reason for replacement.

- Cold water wash is recommended with products containing plastic accessories (squeaky).

  • Details

    • Size: 7.5cm * 5cm(for each dumpling) / 7cm * 4cm(for yellow pickled radish)

    • Package: 3 dumplings, 1 yellow pickled radish

    • Material: Polyester

    • Made in Korea