BLUEFEEL mini handy portable fan blue

BLUEFEEL mini handy portable fan blue

25,00$ Standardpreis

Minimum Size & Weight, but Maximum Power & Usability

You can easily carry it around even when you wear thin summer clothes because it is half the size of other portable fans with the same specs. Lighter than a banana, as light as a quarter piece of an apple. 


- Wireless & USB Rechargeable

- Max Working Time: 24h (30min charging - 4h)

- 40km/h with improved Drone motor Technology

- 6cm Ultra Mini head 

- 103g Super light (Lighter than Banana/ Light as a quater of an apple)


- Output: 3.5W

- Output Voltage: 3.7V

- Input: 5V, 1A

- Running Time: 5-24h

- Charging Time: 3h 30min

- Battery: 2600mAh

- Dimenstion: 60 x 158 x 147 mm

- Weight: 103g

- Origin: Korea